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Demtra Sheet Metal Industries, Ltd. specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication, welding, modifications, repairs, and stainless steel fabrication. At the core of our company's values are customer service, quality production, and dedication to our core competencies. Our products are all commissioned and built exactly to the client's specifications - no mass production occurs in our shop. We primarily focus on our clients’ manufacturing needs, and arrangements for installations will have to be made through a third party.

From commercial kitchen installations to racks, piping, and specialized equipment for food product manufacturers, Demtra Sheet Metal Industries, Ltd. has made its mark in the food processing industry. Our facility and the complete line of welding and fabrication equipment are complemented by highly experienced, skilled experts who can create custom pieces from a variety of metals.

Among Demtra's material capabilities are sheet metal and stainless steel, as well as aluminum, brass, copper, and a number of metal alloys and specialty metals. These metals can easily be incorporated for projects such as custom tables and countertops. From design to execution, we can customize and curate pieces to fit seamlessly into your facility or kitchens. We even offer modification and repair services for existing metal products. Our complete list of custom metal fabrication capabilities is:
  • cutting
  • punching
  • bending
  • shearing
  • welding
  • assembly
  • painting
  • finishing

Demtra Sheet Metal Industries, Ltd. is a one-stop shop for custom metal fabrication in Toronto and the GTA. Every member of our team has expertise in the entire fabrication process and is dedicated to personalized service. Our products are of the highest quality, continuously meeting and exceeding safety standards for the food processing industry. To learn more about Demtra or to discuss your food processing metal fabrication needs, contact a representative today.

As a metal fabrication Toronto specialist, Demtra is dedicated to deliver only the highest quality service to its customers. Our welding and fabrication technicians will take you through every step of the process and create a custom product that will suit your applications to the fullest. Intricate details of custom designs are not a problem when you are dealing with a professional metal fabrication Toronto specialist like Demtra.