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3 Advanced Welding Methods Used in Sheet Metal Fabrication

July 29, 2022

A weldment is a unit formed by welding different pieces of metal sheets together. The design for a finished product is called a weldment profile. While basic welding techniques like MIG and TIG are useful for creating smaller profiles, you might need advanced methods for complex or larger weldment profiles. In this blog, learn about three advanced weldment techniques used in custom sheet metal fabrication.


3 advanced weldment methods used in custom sheet metal fabrication


Spot welding:
In spot welding, an electrical current is fired through two pins comprising two or more layers of sheet metal. The heated wire melts the material into a coin-like shape at the point of contact, thus fusing the materials. Spot welding is a cost-effective and the most efficient welding option for high-volume production as it requires minimal setup. This technique is widely used in the automobile sector.


Seam welding:
Seam welding uses electrical resistance to create a smooth and continuous joint between the metal sheets. In custom sheet metal fabrication, layering two workpieces together often results in irregular seams, this is where seam welding comes in handy. Seam welding is faster than spot welding. It can also produce airtight welds and watertight seals, making seam welding an ideal option for underwater applications.


Plug welding:
Plug welding is somewhat similar to spot welding. However, instead of using two pins to bind the sheets, the welder cuts holes into one sheet and layers it over the other. Upon applying the heat, the molten metal fills the hole and fuses the parts. Plug welding is also called rosette welding. 


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