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3 Best Accessories For Elevator Interiors

March 14, 2022

For many high-rise buildings, elevators are the most important and efficient way to transport people and goods. Moreover, the elevator interiors are an integral part of the infrastructure, as passengers have to spend some time in the small space before they reach their floor. Consequently, it’s vital to keep the interiors practical yet aesthetically pleasing to create a pleasant experience for everyone. To do so effectively, there are a few accessories that can be added to an elevator. 


Here are 3 such elevator interior accessories.





Safety is always a paramount factor when it comes to elevators, as it should be accessible to people from all walks of life, including the disabled. Hence, offering handrails inside can provide that extra layer of safety and stability for the passengers. Furthermore, they also protect the interiors from scratches and dents that are otherwise the norm in most elevators. Handrails generally come in 2 variations, straight and returned, the latter being designed to merge with the wall, and can also be backlit if required. 


Protection Pads


When a new elevator cab is installed, the insides tend to be metallic and glossy. However, with time, a plethora of scratches, dents and stains can accumulate on the walls, making it visually unappealing. This problem can be somewhat mitigated by using protection pads, which can easily be attached or removed with the help of hooks or a harness. Alternatively, it’s also possible to buff out the scratches and dents regularly, but it isn’t very efficient or cost-effective. 


Light Diffusers


While lighting is an important consideration when designing an elevator cab, it’s common to get simple, easily replaceable fluorescent lights to save up on money. However, they tend to be too bright, and in an enclosed space like an elevator, their harsh glow is even more noticeable. To remedy this, light diffusers should be installed on the lights, which act as a form of cover and dim the glow. Ultimately, this creates a more pleasing aesthetic inside the elevator, which, when combined with the right interior design and mirrors, can work wonders. 


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