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3 Common Weld Defects To Avoid During Welding Fabrication

March 15, 2022

During sheet metal fabrication, a variety of processes are employed to get the desired end product. This includes pressing, punching, bending, notching and more. But one of the most fundamental processes in all manufacturing facilities is welding fabrication. One of the most cost-effective and efficient methods of assembly, welding can also be a very versatile and customizable process. However, there are also several downsides to it, a major one being an increased margin of error in the form of weld defects. 


Here are 3 such weld defects that are seen while welding.




A common problem with fabricators who use metal inert gas (MIG) welding, porosity is essentially the formation of gas bubbles that crack and deform the weld surface, thereby also weakening the strength of the weld. It mainly occurs due to an accumulation of shielding gas beneath the weld surface, which is eventually released. The best way to avoid porosity is by inspecting the weld x-rays or ultrasound once the fabrication is complete. 



As the name suggests, an overlap essentially means the fused metal overlaps the root of the weld. Most commonly witnessed with butt or fillet welds, it is a symptom of irregular or improper heat application, comprising the strength of the weld and making it more susceptible to break under tension. 



While applying less heat is problematic, an over-concentration of heat can also have negative consequences. When thin sheet metals face extreme, which especially happens in long welds, it can bend the surface of the metal, known as distortion. This problem is more prevalent in thin metals as there is less surface area to dissipate the excess heat. Stainless steel is particularly known for distorting, so be sure to choose a metal that is more compatible with the welding process. 


Thus, if you are considering welding fabrication for your project, then be sure to keep an eye out for these weld defects to get the best quality end products. 


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