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3 Factors To Consider While Selecting Elevator Ceilings

February 28, 2022

Elevators are the backbone of almost all buildings in the modern infrastructure, especially for high-rise structures. Moreover, elevator interiors are also a vital part of this setting, as they need to be functional as well as aesthetic to perform effectively. In this context, one of the most neglected parts of a cab’s interior is the elevator ceiling. However, there is massive potential to improve the aesthetic of a cab by working on the ceiling. That being said, to install the right ceiling for your elevator interiors, you need to keep a few important factors in mind.


Things to consider while choosing elevator ceilings.



The biggest consideration while renovating or customizing ceilings should be the lighting, for it will not only change the look of that area but will also impact the visual feel of the entire cab. Be it a traditional tube light or an LED, it’s crucial to finalize the lighting early on so that it can complement the rest of the cab design. Ideally, opt for lights that are affordable, easily replaceable, and enhance the aesthetics of the elevator interior. 


Ceiling Panels and Frames

Next up comes the basic framework for the ceiling themselves. Most elevators either go for an aluminium frame or go completely frameless. Furthermore, the ceiling panels also play an important role in maintaining functionality. Hence, choose the right materials for the ceiling, such as stainless less or perhaps, Lexan, while keeping the elevator’s usage in mind. For example, a heavy-duty service lift will require a more robust framing and panelling than say a regular elevator.



A more aesthetic aspect of elevator ceilings, finishing plays a very important role, as it can accentuate other design elements or make the flaws more glaringly obvious. Hence, clients often look to match the finish with the rest of the interiors, but there are plenty of other options to choose from, such as textured finish, patterned finish, or perhaps even using mirrors. 


In the end, by keeping these 3 things in mind, it is much easier to customize, design or renovate an elevator’s ceiling.

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