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3 Mistakes To Avoid While Renovating Elevator Interiors

May 24, 2022

Elevators are often the first part of the building apart from the facade that people come in contact with. As a result, its aesthetics definitely need to be emphasized for a great impression. Moreover, with time, the elevator interiors might deteriorate in quality, needing an extensive renovation. If you find yourself in such a situation, then you should be aware of a few classic renovation mistakes that might be detrimental to the longevity of the elevator. Here are 3 such redesigning mistakes that you must avoid at all costs.


3 elevator interior mistakes to watch out for.


Installing Heavy Elements

Perhaps your intention is to install large, bulky mirrors, a marble floor tile, or maybe even a decorative ceiling. After all, it is a question of aesthetics. However, in this case, it might hinder the utility of the lift. If the weight of these decorative elements exceed the capacity of the lift, then it might cause operational or even safety issues. To avoid this, the elevator will have to be re-tested, which can be a very costly affair. 


Choosing Ornate Flooring

Closely connected to the point above, it might be tempting to opt for a tile or granite flooring to give a polished look to the interiors. However, they might not suit direct installation in a cab. Hence, you might have to opt for a plywood floor first, which will eventually raise your expenses. Another noticeable disadvantage is that it might actually raise the floor height of the elevator cab, thereby violating local ordinances on lift dimensions.


Omitting Handrails

You might think that removing handrails might be better in an ergonomic sense, as it would open up more space within the cab. However, the downsides of not installing one might outweigh the pros. Not only are they essential for bracing and support, but they are an absolute necessity for physically impaired users. Many local bodies have laws on improving accessibility for such people. Hence, you might be better off investing in a sturdy handrail during renovation.


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