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4 Compelling Reasons Elevator Interiors Are Of Great Importance

June 10, 2020

Elevator interiors can make or break one’s impression of a building, especially in tall corporate or commercial buildings. Sometimes, elevator decor seems unnecessary and even trivial to consider, but it helps your business and brand a great deal.


Here are four convincing reasons it's time to improve your interiors so that you can make a positive impression on clients, employees, and tenants.


First Impressions Last

Whether it's your new company investor or a client looking to use your services, your elevator interiors make the first and most significant impression to them after your doorway and receiving lobby. The same applies to commercial hospitality businesses. Your guests will spend a great deal of time using your elevators, making its interiors of significance to create a good impression.


Elevator Speed and Comfort Matters

Engineers have tuned and adjusted your elevator's speed to meet the standard requirements possible. Often, standard elevator speeds are nominal upward and downward cruises. Having excellent elevator interiors completes the package, combining functionality with aesthetics.


Accessibility and Safety

Employees, guests, and clients will use your elevators and spend the majority of their time inside of it. Sometimes, this may include people who require additional accessibility options. While most elevators are always up to code, they can be enhanced to provide additional security. Bars for people to hold onto or control panels that are more accessible are just some examples of features that can be included.


Prevent Claustrophobia

Lastly, good interiors can make a world of difference even inside seemingly-unimpressive small spaces. A rigid and worn-down looking interior may cause feelings of panic and trigger claustrophobia in sensitive individuals, including guests and clients. This is why elevators are sometimes outfitted with mirrors, to create the impression of more open space.


With over 40 years of qualified experience fabricating all kinds of machines, interiors of elevators, and other custom sheet metal products, we at Demtra Sheet Metal Industries can deliver everything you need. Contact us today to learn more.