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4 Compelling Reasons to Renovate your Elevator Interiors Today

September 14, 2020

Elevator interiors might be the last thing you think about when planning for new renovations for your office building. The logic makes sense: your clients and employees spend more time in your office environment than your elevators. However, first impressions last, and it is important to update your elevators not only to set a good precedent for your visitors but to also ensure their safety in the years to come.


Here are some other important reasons to update your elevator interiors frequently: 


It's Been 10 Years since Your Last Update

Any elevator that has yet to see an interior update within a decade deserves one. Elevators that haven't seen updates over ten years not only suffer from outdated aesthetics and worn-out appearances – its old age can also affect its performance and functionality over time. 


Environment Upgrade

Elevators are confined spaces that can sometimes be claustrophobic. Everything from mirror placement to lighting can affect the environment inside your elevator, contributing to a poor or positive visitor experience. Elevators that have rusting and corrosion present make for unsavoury spaces that do very little to instil confidence in your visitors about your building or business. 


Improving Your Business Prospects

You want to impress your clients, and your corporate performance already gave you a big step. However, unsavoury experiences within your building can affect their perception of you and your services, and you may end up losing out on their trust. First impressions will always last, and clients will have a lasting negative impression stored in their initial perspective of your business.


Safety and Security Considerations

A huge part of employee care is physical and mental wellness. Therefore, a poorly-designed elevator interior might trigger claustrophobia for some sensitive employees. Consider investing in updated and well-manufactured interiors to aid your employee's mental health, but to also give your visitors the assurance they need that they are safe within your elevators.


If you have yet to find a dependable fabricator of elevator interiors, Demtra Sheet Metal Industries can help you with your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.