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4 Effective Welding Fabrication Methods

December 02, 2021

Welding is the best way to fuse two metals or materials together, allowing them to last for decades or beyond. It uses extreme heat to melt the ends of metals together and can be done in many different ways. There are essentially 4 ways to perform welding fabrication in a project.


Here are the 4 popular welding fabrication methods.


Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Shielded metal arc welding uses a flux-coated, electrically charged metal electrode to complete a circuit. A strong magnetic field is created when an arc is created between the metal electrode and the base metal. While the arc creates a high temperature that causes the workpieces to fuse together, the magnetic field protects the weld area from being contaminated by outside particles.


Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding or GTAW is a welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the arc between the electrode and the base metal. There is a hot point at the end of a metal rod that produces an electric arc. This method is generally used to weld thicker materials.


Gas Metal Arc Welding

Gas metal arc welding is a method of welding that uses an electric arc to melt the metals together. It is specifically called gas metal arc welding due to the usage of a shielding gas that protects the workpiece from external contamination. This type of welding is generally used for fusing metal seams and can also be used for other applications such as joining plates, couplings, and other types of sheet metal fabrication.


Flux-Cored Arc Welding

Flux-cored arc welding is a welding process that uses a consumable electrode containing a mixture of various metal oxides that react with air to create an electric arc. The equipment needed to perform flux-cored arc welding includes a shielding gas source, a ground clamp, a power source, and a machine tool.


While the shielding gas is required to protect the molten weld puddle from the atmosphere, a ground clamp is used to hold the workpiece in place and protect it from mechanical forces and welding heat.


Thus, any of these 4 types of welding fabrication methods can be used depending on the situation for best results.


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