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4 Interesting Facts about Welding Fabrication

February 24, 2021

Welding is a fabrication process that joins materials using high heat and being a welder is not an easy task but it can really pay off. It offers a great opportunity to become skilled in the interesting craft of welding fabrication. Be it welding fabrication in Toronto or anywhere else in the world, there are some interesting facts about this skill that we bet you haven’t heard before.


Let's learn some facts about welding fabrication


The long history of welding


While welding fabrication in Toronto has been around for centuries, the earliest practice of welding was found thousands of years ago, which was discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs.  


What prevents metals from bonding together


Did you know that if there was no oxygen in the atmosphere, there would be no need to weld? Yes, you read that right. It’s the oxidized layer that coats each metal when exposed to the ambient atmosphere that prevents metals from sticking together. Without the atmosphere or inside a vacuum, there wouldn’t be a need for welding fabrication.  


Welding can be found anywhere


Almost all types of metal products need some form of welding to be manufactured. These products comprise more than half of the products made in the country. Some of them are cars, ships, trains, equipment, bridges, huge machinery, and many more. This is why welding is almost everywhere and it means that this job is a good field to explore. 


Rapid expansion of the welding industry


A lot of people are unaware of how fast the welding sector is growing. This puts great demand on the services of welders and metal workers alike. According to reports, the growth of this industry continues to increase more rapidly than other industries. This also means that welding fabrication in Toronto is poised to grow even more. To top it all, the industry is considered green because of the recent trends where eco-friendly practices are being embraced and encouraged.


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