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4 Tips To Make Elevator Interiors Sustainable

May 13, 2022

Environmental sustainability is one of the most pressing issues on the planet today. While governments and industries are taking steps to promote this, it is possible to achieve some form of sustainability with something as simple as elevator interiors. Therefore, here are 4 great tips that manufacturers can use with their elevator interiors that would be beneficial from an energy consumption standpoint. 


4 ways to achieve sustainable elevator interiors.


Focus On Reducing Wastage

Most elevators have a fixed surface area and thus, it is easy to adhere to this constraint and create elevator interiors with minimal scraps. To do this, enlist the services of expert metal fabricators such as Demtra Sheet Metal Industries Ltd., who are well-versed in dealing with close tolerance finishes, ensuring less wastage.


Save Up On Electricity

To reduce power consumption with respect to elevator interiors, one can do a lot of things. First and foremost, opt for lightweight materials that would be easy to hoist up and down a building. Next, choose interior panel materials with a good reflective index so that light consumption can be minimized. A great example is a white wall panel laminate. Lastly invest in an efficient hoisting mechanism to reduce the overall electrical consumption of the elevator. 


Reduce Maintenance

Instead of selecting panel materials that can be easily scratched or damaged, go for robust, durable products such as PVC or stainless steel. Furthermore, with a distressed or textured design, they can easily handle bumps, knicks and smudges, ensuring a long life.


Try To Reduce Air Conditioning

While ambient air conditioning might be impossible to avoid during the warmer months, its use in an elevator can be reduced by opting for a more aerodynamic design. Consult your fabricator if you are unsure about the layout of such a cab. Lastly, even using more environment-friendly lights will produce less heat, thereby helping to keep the cab cool


Thus, by implementing these 4 tips, you can operate a sustainable elevator and do your part in saving the planet. 


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