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4 Trends That Are Livening Up Elevator Interiors in Toronto

July 05, 2018

The predominant trend with elevator interiors ever since elevators were deprecated from their position as novelty features in buildings has gone from ornate to make them spend as little time in them as possible.


However, in the last few years, as condos have dotted the skyline with ever greater frequency and buildings’ occupancy rates have increased, elevators can no longer be avoided. In fact, elevator interiors are seen as a measure of the ‘modernity’ and ‘maintenance standard’ of a building.


Elevator manufacturers and designers have been incorporating a number of engaging technologies into their elevators to distract passengers from the short ‘commute’.


1. ‘Finishes’ – The most novel, perhaps also the most obvious, trend has been of incorporating ‘finishes’ (or themes) into elevator interiors. Sleek brushed steel to sterile white interiors and even elevator interiors that harken back to the days of the first elevators, are being used to give elevators a character all their own.


2. Screens – There’s already no escaping them in your pocket or your desk top, but screens are now part and parcel of elevator interiors as well. Until recently considered a gimmick found at tourist attractions, building owners are incorporating screens to pipe news and even advertisements to passengers. Some are going so far as to remove the traditional button panel altogether replacing it with a touchscreen instead.


3. Panoramas – Not every elevator system can be incorporated on the outside of the building – what with safety codes and expense – but that doesn’t mean passengers cannot enjoy a vista of the outside. Elevator interiors can incorporate a panoramic setup which shows passengers a changing view as the elevator moves up and down the building.


4. Art – Art in elevators has started to really take off. After all, when else does one have minutes to just stand and admire something in this bustle of life. The concept of placing art in elevator interiors may not be original, but it certainly is effective.


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