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4 Unique Services Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies Provide

May 06, 2021

The usual sheet metal fabricator can help you with structural steel, appliance manufacturing, and other development projects involving sheet metal. However, custom sheet metal fabrication can give you particular services thanks to their precision, top-of-the-line equipment, and extensive knowledge plus experience.


Here are four services provided by custom sheet metal fabrication:


Revive Obsolete Equipment with New Parts and Fittings

Vintage and unsupported devices and machinery are sometimes invaluable to certain manufacturers who still need them for production purposes. With custom sheet metal fabrication services, you can revive these obsolete machines by getting custom-made parts which are no longer sold on the market.


Make Prototyping As Painless As Possible

Prototyping is challenging, especially if your in-house fabrication team has to deal with backlogs before manufacturing your priority project. Outsourcing to custom sheet metal fabrication companies, such as Demtra Sheet Metal Industries, makes it easy to produce a dot-to-dot-accurate prototype of your concept. Additionally, fabricators will sign on to your confidentiality agreements.


Improve Your Elevator Interiors

Over time, the interiors of elevators rust and become a safety hazard. By working with a custom fabricator, you can restore your elevator's aesthetics and functionality quickly. Your elevators should be a quick and comfortable experience for your employees, guests, and clients, making it crucial to keep them in top shape.


Create Your Movie and Visual Production Sets

Movie production crews don't just hire construction specialist teams to build all of their studio props and aesthetic needs. They also work with an experienced custom steel fabricators to manufacture platforms, supporting skeletal backdrops, and more. With fabricators who can customize components, you can have full movie sets produced to your specifications.


It's Easy to Find a Reliable Fabricator Who Can Provide These Services

At Demtra Sheet Metal Industries, we can build anything with steel and sheet metal. Contact us today to learn more about our services!