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An Overview of Fabrication Welding

October 27, 2022

People often get confused between fabrication welding with welding. However, they are different. While welding is the process via which two parts are fused, there are many steps involved in fabrication welding. The latter involves steps like planning, manufacturing, and installation. Demtra Sheet Metal Industries Ltd, a trusted place for welding fabrication in Toronto, brings you everything you need to know about fabrication welding in this blog.


Fabrication welding 101


What is fabrication welding?


Fabrication welding is a term commonly heard in the metalworking business. The best way to distinguish this from welding is the number and nature of the processes involved. Fabrication welding is much more than bringing two pieces of metal together. Fabrication welding can only be done by a skilled professional.


Different types of fabrication welding process 


There are three major types of fabrication welding processes involved. Check them out below:


Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding:

TIG welding is a type of arc welding. It utilizes unconsumable tungsten electrodes wrapped in argon or any other explosive gas to shield the workpiece from the atmosphere. TIG welding uses direct current. The work element is electrically positive and the electrode is electrically negative in this type.


Metal inert gas (MIG) welding:

Unlike TIG welding, MIG welding is a process that uses a consumable electrode. The common factor between the two is the Argon used to protect the weld against the atmosphere. MIG welding uses direct current as well. However, the workpiece stays electrically negative and the electrode remains electrically positive.



Certain fabrication welding requires soldering the parts. This is where brazing comes into the picture. Unlike welding, where the pieces of metal are melted and fused together, brazing only joins or fuses workpieces without melting. It is only utilized where MIG or TIG welding cannot be applied. It uses oxy-fuel torches to weld gas or to braze parts.


A reputed welding fabrication service provider can help you choose the right type of fabrication welding. Contact us at Demtra Metal Sheet Industries Ltd for such seamless services. We also provide sheets for elevator interiors