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Behind the Scenes: Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication with Demtra

November 27, 2019

If you’re an action film lover, it’s possible that you’ve unknowingly come across one of our fabrications when watching an action movie. Demtra specializes in providing custom sheet metal fabrication services and building custom pieces for the North American film industry. When it comes to bringing a story to life, we’ve aided set designers in coming up with a fabricated solution that is perfectly suited to the needs of a particular scene.


Today, we’d like to look back on some of the film sets we’ve contributed to over the past few years.


Warner Bros. Pictures Suicide Squad


4 years ago we were given the opportunity to work with Warner Bros in delivering custom fabricated set pieces for the highly anticipated film Suicide Squad. Filmed at multiple locations in Toronto, Warner Bros. sought the work of Ontario businesses to assist with meeting different needs of the movie. Demtra was able to assist in building some of the more intricate set pieces – including an onset elevator, which fit seamlessly into the scene’s set design.


Magneto’s Mutant Conversion Machine


Demtra was able to assist 20th Century Fox film producers in building Magneto’s Mutant Conversion Machine for the first X-Men film in 2000. In the film, the machine was meant to turn the world’s biggest leaders into “mutants”, with the hope of garnering global acceptance for all mutants. We used our custom sheet metal fabrication expertise to build a film-worthy mutant machine for use in the film’s United Nations scene.   


Custom Hood Vent Cover Featured on Property Brothers


In addition to building metal fabricated components and structures for the film industry, Demtra’s custom sheet metal fabrication work has been featured on HGTV original shows like Property Brothers. The Property Brothers show premise is to help homeowners turn un-sellable, un-functional homes into the most sellable and functional for prospective buyers. In one episode, we fabricated a custom hood vent cover for use in a modern kitchen transformation.