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Best Bending Practices Used In Sheet Metal Fabrication

October 22, 2021

The process of sheet metal fabrication involves several subprocesses. Bending is one of the more important processes of the lot and in order to ensure that the right machinery and technologies are used for this operation, one has to know the best practices in the industry. 



In this regard, here are the top four bending practices used in sheet metal fabrication. 



Reducing Displacements 

To achieve this, it is important to follow easy loading and unloading practices, be it for the workpieces or for the various tools. This means the operator must have pre-arranged the conditions wherein components are arranged well on pallets so that after the bending process is completed, the transition to the next process can take place smoothly and quickly while preventing displacements. 


Optimizing CNC Programs

While CNC programs are indeed very helpful in making things work efficiently in every step of sheet metal fabrication, productivity can be improved even further by conducting a good programming review. This can help operators find new solutions and thus, optimize the bending process which eventually means reducing the turnaround time to process a workpiece.


Standardizing the Machining Processes

Standardizing, in this case, means streamlining some machining operations in a way that saves the time taken to set up the machinery as well as replace tools. This is very important in cases involving heavy industrial and structural sheet metal projects. For instance, standardizing can be done by grouping the workpieces in such a manner that they can be punched and dyed simultaneously. 


Proposing Solutions

Operators must not only be capable of identifying issues in their work but most importantly, they also have to be capable of providing solutions or alternatives to best address any problems which might crop up. This pertains to not just the bending process but also to the rest of the operations during sheet metal fabrication. 


Ultimately, following these 4 practices can surely improve the business safety and efficiency in any metal fabrication shop. 

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