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Breaking Down Different Metal Categories

May 26, 2020

Your go-to metal fabrication shop should be well acquainted with the types of metals involved in the fabrication process. Depending on your unique needs, certain types of metals are well-suited to meet the requirements of the results you’re looking for. Whether it’s for custom sheet metal fabrication or otherwise, your fabricator will be able to advise on what sorts of metals would make the most sense based on what is needed for your project. 


Cultivating a base understanding of what metals are available for your project can help inform your selection, and can reduce the amount of time it takes to get the process started. Read on to learn about 4 different categories  of metals used in metal fabrication.


Flat Metals

Flat metals like those used for custom sheet metal fabrication, are metal raw materials that have been pressed or rolled as flat products. They typically come in differing thickness to suit the needs of different applications. Metal fabrication shops refer to different types of thickness as “gauges”. Gauges can also be further divided into three subcategories based on thickness: foil metal (thin), sheet metal (standard), and plate metal (very thick).


Sectional Metals

Sectional metals are best suited for industrial and construction applications. Common examples of sectional metals include hollow structural sections - commonly known as HSS, bars, rods, and Z-shapes. 


Formed and Expanded Metals

Formed and expanded metals undergo shearing processes to create consistent perforated holes (that typically are diamond shaped). Formed and expanded metals are well-suited for fencing and partitions, architectural details, and safety enclosures. 


Hardware Metals

Hardwood metals describes a number of standard fittings and components used to make the final product more durable. These can include anything from corners, locks, latches, chains, and wires. 


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