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Choosing the Right Elevator Interiors

May 20, 2021

Elevators are an integral part of both a building’s functionality and safety. Choosing the right kind of elevator system and elevator interiors for your building is pivotal to making the right impression on your building’s visitors, as well as ensuring they are secure at all times.


There are different kinds of elevators to choose from. It is also important to carefully customize your elevator interiors.


The type of elevator you choose can affect your efficiency, power use, and is important in terms of an overall fit with your building. Here are three popular elevator types:


1. Hydraulic Elevators

As the name implies, this type of elevator is powered by hydraulic systems. There is a piston at the base of the elevator which drives the elevator up. It is helped along by an electric motor that disperses oil or hydraulic fluid onto the piston. On its way back down, a release valve will draw the fluid or oil out of the piston. These types of elevators are a good lower-cost alternative for low-rise buildings of up to 8 levels.



2. Geared and Gearless Traction Elevators

Traction elevators have ropes that lift up the elevator cart. It is similar to a pulley system, except there is an electric motor above the elevator shaft that controls everything. Geared traction elevators have an additional gearbox that is connected to the electric motor.  


3. Machine Room-less (MRL) Elevators

This is probably the most popular type of elevator because it does not require the installation of a machine room in the building. Instead, a smaller control room can be found on the highest level of the building. These kinds of elevators are also known to be more energy-efficient, space consuming, and faster.


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