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Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto: A Step-by-Step Guide

August 10, 2021

Custom metal fabrication in Toronto is a process that requires extensive preparations. Jumping straight into fabrication will result in poor project results that do not conform to the client’s requirements.


Typically, this is what the process of professional custom metal fabrication in Toronto looks like:



Even before this process, care has to be taken into the initial design process, with extensive consultations between the fabricator and client. When the design is finalized, they then get sent to the fabricator. The fabrication team will perform due diligence to learn about the product design's feasibility, coming back to the client with recommendations if needed.



Preparations for prototyping involve determining the best fabrication methods needed to achieve the project's goal. Then, a prototype is constructed to show the client the basic functionalities of the product, and to get their feedback for potential improvements.


To create effective prototypes, fabricators will consider several fabrication methods. These include the following:


1. Cutting

This step involves both basic and advanced sheet metal cutting. This method is common with most projects.


2. Stamping

Stamps use a tool and die to create imprints on sheet metal. Special sheet metal frames and bodies use purpose-oriented stamping methods.


3. Bending

This method is a stamping submethod. Stamping machines can bend metal using special molds and placeholders. Lastly, bending requires specialists experienced with the process.


4. Punching

Stamping is a general punching method. However, punching focuses on non-drilled sheet metal holes. A punch and die effectively punctures through the sheet metal, creating a clean, bore-less cut.


5. Welding

Once all sheet metal components have undergone various fabrication methods, fabricators will start welding. This process involves using heated electrodes and a heat source to connect metal parts together.



Once the prototyping process is complete and the client has approved the design, technicians can then proceed with manufacturing the required amount of the product. Specialists such as Demtra Sheet Metal can work with any kind of order.


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