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Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto: Demtra Takes it to Hollywood

March 04, 2020

Hollywood movies are known for brilliant talents, larger than life productions and mind-blowing cinematography. They are also popular because of millions of dollars spent on each movie which includes realistic and extraordinary props and movie sets.

Some of the scenes in two successful Hollywood movies, X-Men (2000) and Suicide Squad (2016) were filmed in Canada. Interestingly, some of the props they used were products of custom metal fabrication in Toronto.


Let’s see how custom metal fabrication in Toronto took these action-packed movies to the next level.


Suicide Squad (2016)


The filming of the Suicide Squad movie began in Toronto, Ontario in April 2015. It tells the story of Marvel’s antihero team of incarcerated super villains to act as assets for the US government doing high-risk black operations. Harley Quinn’s psycho criminal character was seen in many action scenes including a fight scene in an elevator, which was actually custom built by Demtra. Made of stainless steel, Demtra was able to build an onset elevator with unique features that fit the onscreen set design.


X-Men (2000)


The first X-Men film is a box office movie filmed primarily in Toronto from September to March 2000. While on location, the production team of the film contacted Demtra to create Magneto’s mutant conversion machine. Demtra was able to provide expertise on custom metal fabrication for the movie industry and help create a custom and legendary machine for the film.


Demtra has also fabricated props for other Hollywood movies including Robocop (2014), Incredible Hulk (2008), John Q (2002), and The Tuxedo (2002).

Demtra specializes in custom metal fabrication in Toronto and GTA. We create custom pieces from stainless steel, brass, aluminium, copper, specialty metals, and numerous alloys. Our team is always excited to work with challenging projects. 

Contact us at 416-751-8303 now and let’s discuss your movie set's custom metal fabrication requirements.