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Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto: Unique Projects We Completed

October 22, 2018

At Demtra Sheet Metal Industries, we are the leaders in custom metal fabrication in Toronto and across the GTA. Custom metal fabrication has become a trend among a variety of different industries for a multitude of reasons. One reason we believe is that with custom sheet metal fabrication, you can create products that are specially made to suit our client’s specific needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on offering the best service to all of our clients and have a staff that is fully dedicated, skilled, and can complete most complex projects.


At Demtra Sheet Metal Industries, we are proud providers of custom metal fabrication in Toronto!


Our Special Projects


We have an impressive portfolio of projects, from elevator interiors to movie sets. For instance, we were commissioned by DC Entertainment to create the elevator interior set for the movie Suicide Squad (2015). Our creativity, dedication, and hard work were on display during those scenes in the movie.


Prior to this, our team at Demtra were commission by Marvel Enterprises to create set materials for the movie X-Men (2000). We were tasked with the project to create Magneto’s mutating machine during the climax of the film. With the success of the film, we found ourselves with new knowledge and experience working within the film industry. This opportunity has led us to a variety of different and new unexplored industries.


Part of our experience with film and television, we were given the opportunity to work with the popular Canadian television show, Property Brothers. The Property Brothers are known for transforming dull and dreary houses into luxurious and modern homes. Our custom hood vent cover was on display on their Facebook page for a kitchen remodel recently done.


While not working directly within the film and television industry often, we have the skills, talent, equipment, tools, and experience to complete more projects. We are one of the most trusted companies for custom metal fabrication in Toronto.


At Demtra Sheet Metal Industries, we are proud providers of custom metal fabrication in Toronto and across the GTA. Our expert fabricators can deliver high-quality custom projects that are built to your liking. Our products offer durability, functionality, style, and are perfect for your business. Call or email us today to learn about services we offer and other custom projects we have completed!