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Demtra Sheet Metal Industries, Ltd. specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication, welding, modifications, repairs, and stainless steel fabrication. At the core of our company's values are customer service, quality production, and dedication to our core competencies. Our products are all commissioned and built exactly to the client's specifications - no mass production occurs in our shop. We primarily focus on our clients’ manufacturing needs, and arrangements for installations will have to be made through a third party.

Demtra Sheet Metal is more than just sheet metal - we also offer custom stainless steel fabrication. As with our custom metal fabrication, quality is paramount in our stainless steel fabrication process, and we strive to match this level of quality in our service, too. Everything we do is custom-ordered. No mass production occurs in our shop.

Located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Demtra's shop is stocked with all the equipment required to produce short runs of high-quality custom stainless steel fabrications on tight deadlines. Every person in our shop knows how to operate every piece of equipment and has the skills required to complete each phase of the project. Our custom metal and stainless steel fabrication capabilities include:
  • cutting
  • shearing
  • punching
  • bending
  • welding
  • assembly
  • painting
  • CNC engraving

Unlike in other factory-style fabrication shops, your project isn't passed from person to person at Demtra. All of our employees are proficient in every aspect of custom stainless fabrication, so your project is in good hands, the same hands, from start to finish. Our facility and machinery are top of the line, but our people are our greatest asset. Dedicated to quality, they ensure every piece we make is our best.

Custom stainless steel fabricators are required by a number of industries. Demtra is happy to provide custom steel products for any application, but we have particular expertise in paneling and interiors for elevators and escalators; piping, racks, and other food processing equipment; sets for film productions; and medical or healthcare apparatuses. Our fabrications stand up to regular and extreme use, and they're as stylish as they are functional.

As a leading custom metal fabrication Toronto provider, Demtra Sheet Metal Industries, Ltd. focuses on maintaining the superior quality and efficiency of all our service. For more information or to get our team started on your project, give us a call today.