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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication And The Movie Industry

June 06, 2022

Film production is a lengthy process and a lot goes towards its completion. A successful movie is the result of many people's hard work over months and sometimes, years. Modern filmmaking techniques have no restrictions when it comes to creativity. Production companies go all-out in creating scenes as realistic as possible.


CGI or lifelike set designs are often involved. In the case of the latter, custom sheet metal fabrication comes into play. Custom sheet metal fabrication is an important aspect, both in front of the camera and behind it. Learn more details in this blog.


Uses of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication In Filmmaking


Lifelike sets:
Selecting shooting locations is one of the major agendas of pre-production. The schedule of the entire cast & crew revolves around the availability of the shooting location. However, not every location can be from the real world. Depending on the script and genre, some movie sets are created at the behest of the art director. Sheet metal fabrication is an art team's best friend in such scenarios. 


Prop design:
The influence of sheet metal fabrication in prop design is huge. Especially if the movie is in the sci-fi or superhero genre. From laser-blasting guns to spaceships, everything is a fine example of the application of custom sheet metal fabrication in prop design. Most notably, Aluminum props are used to create lightweight objects that look heavy and bulky.


Camera box:
The success of a beautiful movie lies in the perfection of its scenes. The director of photography ensures each frame turns out to be flawless and appealing. Various camera angles and techniques are required to capture the soul of the scene and that's why a camera box is very crucial under such circumstances. It creates a camouflage around the camera, helping it blend with the background. Thus, the movie visuals can be captured without any interference.


Demtra Sheet Metal Industries Ltd. has carried out successful sheet metal fabrication projects in Toronto for reputed filmmakers. Contact today to learn about our offers!