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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Services in Toronto

February 12, 2018

Custom sheet metal fabrication is one of the core services provided at Demtra Sheet Metal Industries. We have over 40 years of experience in metal fabrication, providing top quality services and products to clientele within most industries in the Ontario and Quebec region.


Our company is built on three major pillars of service when it comes to custom sheet metal fabrication:


  1. Customer Service. Our customer service is amongst the best in the custom sheet metal fabrication services. From the moment of first contact, our highly trained personnel will provide expert advice as to design, materials and cost.  This customer service pillar extends to timeline compliance and post sales services.
  2. Quality Production.  Being in sheet metal fabrication is a demanding and precise business, and as such the company ensures production of every product made in our manufacturing floor. Each piece is designed and manufactured, originally built according to the design specifications of the client.
  3. Competency Improvement. These core competencies include continuous training and development of technical skills and expertise of staff. We are passionate about our industry and have a continuous commitment to quality in both process and product. As such, these two core competencies push the company forward to provide excellence in custom sheet metal fabrication.

These are some of our most common sheet metal fabrication services:

  1. Cutting and Shearing. This involves the use of plasma cutters to cut into pieces specific metal sheets used for the custom sheet metal fabrication services.


  1. Bending and Punching. This involves shaping the sheet metal to conform with the custom sheet metal fabrication services design.


  1. Welding and Assembly. This involves putting together the individual sheets bent or punched, cut or sheared to form the final custom metal fabrication services design.


  1. Painting and Engraving. This is the final step in the completion of the custom metal fabrication services design.


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