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Demtra’s Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Advantage
Demtra’s Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Advantage
January 19, 2018

Custom sheet metal fabrication is one of the core services provided by Demtra Sheet Metal Industries Ltd, and we have over forty years of experience in the field. We’ve worked across several unique industries, and have been responsible for the high-quality designs of various elevators, food processors, and movie sets!


Our custom sheet metal fabrication is flexible and reliable, and we work hard to bring you the Demtra advantage:


  • Customer Service - Our customer services are a point of true pride for our teams. From the moment of first contact, our highly trained personnel can provide expert advice regarding design, materials, and costs.
  • Quality Production - An important part of custom fabrication services is ensuring that what is designed perfectly matches the customer’s vision for their product. This is why our teams will work closely with you to ensure a high-quality order that meets your expectations every time.
  • Flexibility in Custom Orders - The important aspect of our custom sheet metal fabrication is, of course, the “custom” aspect. Whether you need a design for an elevator or a film set, it’s likely that you already have some idea of how you’d like your building or set to look, or feel. Our highly skilled teams will work hard to share this vision and help you to realize it as best as possible.


Once you submit your design to us, and are happy with our plan, we can begin the fairly straightforward process of building your vision. There are four general steps we follow for each custom project:


  • Cutting and Shearing
  • Bending and Punching
  • Welding and Assembly
  • Painting and Engraving


When you need any kind of custom sheet metal fabrication services, the teams here at Demtra are more than happy to take on even the most complex projects. We are proud of our custom design options – whatever your facilities need, we’d like to create! Feel free to contact us today to request a quote, or for more information about our services.

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With the newly revised Covid-19 regulations in place, Demtra Sheet Metal Industries doors will now be locked. To continue business and our efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will be implementing a shortened work week and will NOT be following an open door policy during this time. No walk-ins. Appointments only.

Our new hours are as follows:

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