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Distinguishing Ironworkers and Sheet Metal Fabricators

May 03, 2019

Within the metal fabrication umbrella, there are various types of workers and occupations. Ironworkers and sheet metal fabricators are sometimes confused with one another. Despite their similarities, the two occupations are quite different. Custom sheet metal fabrication is more functional and deals with the creation and customization of sheet metal whereas ironwork is more structural, dealing with pre-fabricated iron. Here’s a brief comparison outlining the differences between the two occupations.



Like its namesake suggests, ironworkers primarily deal with iron. There are three types of ironworkers, each one specializing in a different area. Structural ironworkers are responsible for fabricating metal frameworks for buildings, bridges, and other large-scale metal projects. Reinforcing ironworkers specialize in fabricating steel bars in order to reinforce structures such as buildings and bridges. Lastly, ornamental ironworkers specialize in architectural elements such as handrails, stairs, and gates. Ornamental ironworkers are commonly referred to as “finishers” since they administer the finishing touches to most structures after the structural and reinforcing work has been completed.


Sheet Metal Fabricators

Custom sheet metal fabrication refers to the process of utilizing sheet metal in order to build metal structures and machines. Places which offer metal fabrication services are called fabrication shops, or fab shops for short. Unlike ironworkers who mostly deal with iron, sheet metal fabricators are highly skilled tradesman who specialize in fabrication, maintenance, or installation. Sheet metal fabricators also deal in a variety of metals including zinc, copper, steel, and aluminum. Depending on the type of project, sheet metal is manipulated in various ways such as cutting, bending, and punching. Due to the high level of versatility and precision involved, sheet metal fabrication shops are highly sought after.


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