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Efficient Remodeling of Elevator Interiors

April 04, 2018

Elevators are central to the overall design of any building and are the key feature of modern cities and their iconic skylines. Thousands of elevator system installations are carried out every day around the globe and most of the innovations and improvements are made with elevator interiors in mind.


Elevator interiors can have a very wide range of styles, employing different types of systems, furnishing, finishing and surfaces.


Remodeling elevator interiors can be done in just hours instead of days, which ensures minimal elevator downtime and significant cost savings. When it comes to remodeling interiors, particularly those with modular systems, there are two main ways to make the process more efficient.


  • Prior to installation: the remodel is done in a way that in planning and designing new elevator interiors, the headache of code compliance and weight restrictions are eliminated. All end user configurations are tested so that they meet code requirements.
  • During installation: the interlocking panels are not only easy to install, but the entire process is streamlined to include every item needed to complete the job. Aesthetics is not sacrificed for convenience and ease. You can choose from a wide variety of materials, finishes, and styles to meet your unique design and create just the look you want.


Demtra Sheet Metal Custom Fabrication is a reputable supplier and fabricator. We know elevators, escalators and elevator interiors, both for residential and commercial buildings, are crucial to safety and aesthetics. Our experienced and skilled team provides expert design assistance, custom welding and fabrication of elevator interiors.


With a wide range of custom metal fabrication capabilities, we can provide expertise and support at each stage of elevator construction anywhere in the GTA.


Whether you have a new project or are remodeling your existing system, our fabrication experts combine function and style for high quality and beautiful finishes. Contact us today to learn more!