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Elevator Interior Designs for the Post-COVID World

April 14, 2021

Elevators are an important component of many buildings. One of the biggest concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the close quarters within elevator interiors. Thankfully, metal fabricators continue to innovate and consult with designers in order to design innovative new ways to optimize elevator interior designs.


New considerations have to be made to make sure people are comfortable using elevators. Chief of these considerations include space and the need for technology that reduces contact.


Here are some potential future trends for elevator interiors:


Elevator capacity has been the single biggest issue during COVID-19. There are two ways to work around this. Elevators may get bigger, allowing for more social distancing between occupants, or buildings may install additional elevators to reduce human congestion without forcing more people into less elevators. In addition, escalators can be added, which is an easy process because the same metal fabricator that supplies your elevator interiors can also provide all the key components and assembly needs of escalators.


Technological Innovation

With all the concern surrounding contactless technology, there are new innovations being developed that can help elevators be friendlier during such times. For instance, voice activation is a key technology being considered right now. Furthermore, aspects of your elevator interiors can be upgraded. Anti-microbial finishes can be applied to give your occupants better ease of mind.


Air Quality

One of the biggest reasons people are reluctant to use elevators is because the close quarters make it difficult for particulates to dissipate. However, buildings can tackle this problem by installing better air filtration systems in their elevators but also throughout their building. Air filters and other ventilation systems can be upgraded in order to improve airflow and air quality. Stronger filtration systems will be able to weed out even the smallest particulates, and there are filters that are specifically rated for their effectiveness against viruses.


At the end of the day, elevators continue to be a necessity, especially because of the accessibility they provide. Demtra is excited to work alongside industry leaders to continuously innovate in the field of elevator interiors, bringing the most secure elevators to buildings all over Canada.