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Elevator Interior Upgrades All Point to Safety

September 01, 2020

Elevators are essential amenity of any high-rise building, providing convenience to users such as tenants or clients. Aside from just its functional uses, they can also help create a good first impression for your reputation as a property owner or developer. Both purposes of function and aesthetics can be strongly attributed to how elevator interiors are made. The interior of an elevator is made up of ceilings, floors, panels, handrails, and may include mirrors for added effect. When these elements are all professionally designed and assembled, they can significantly enhance the overall ambience of the elevator.   


The major aspects for the successful upgrade or build of elevator interiors include design, materials, and component manufacturing.


Though there are standard interiors available, opting for a custom made interior is a lot better as it can better complement the design of your building. There are numerous options when it comes to customizing elevator interiors due to a wide variety of materials to consider. In deciding which material works best for each interior component, here is a quick guide:


  • Floor: because of heavy traffic and impact, the elevator floor has to be made from a durable, sturdy and non-porous material. Alloys or stainless steel are the perfect choices.
  • Ceiling: this component usually functions to keep the lighting fixtures in place. The ideal choice of material would be an aluminum frame, which is affordable and can be easily made and installed.
  • Handrail: this element is the most used fixture in any elevator interior. A great material to use is a scratch-free metal such as stainless steel or bronze.


As elevators are moving transport, the most critical thing to consider is the safety of users. All the materials used in constructing elevator interiors must be safe and comply with fire safety standards and building codes. Thus, it is equally important to choose the right manufacturer or fabricator of your interior components. Demtra Sheet Metal Industries is the industry leader in custom metal fabrication. We use architectural metals that are safe for elevator interiors and which provide optimum design flexibility while still complying with both performance and aesthetic requirements.