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Elevator Interiors - Enhancing Aesthetics and Performance

February 16, 2017


Elevator Interiors - Enhancing Aesthetics and Performance

Elevator interiors are designed and fabricated to the highest standards of quality. There are standard elevator interiors, however building owners will often prefer custom interiors that will complement the aesthetics of their building. Custom elevator interiors are available in a variety of finishes, achieved through quality fabrication processes. It thus becomes easy and convenient for building owners to make a statement through personalization of elevator interiors.  


Factors affecting the overall design of elevator interiors

Elevators are important components of a building that should address the basic factors of function and aesthetics. There are endless possibilities in personalizing elevator interiors, but there are factors that should be considered in overall design. There is a wide range of materials and colors that can be used to enhance the aesthetics of the cab interiors and the choice should not be based solely on visual aspects. Materials include stainless steel in either light or dark finish, solid or laminated wood and marble-like pattern for the floor. In the selection of materials and colors for the interior, it is recommended to create a consistent look with a bit of variety on the interior components.

Although aesthetics are a priority, it is also important that your choice of materials comply with building and fire codes. Any work performed on elevators must be done by a certified contractor that understands potential safety hazards and proper work procedures. Weight changes must be considered in design to ensure that it does not affect the safety and function of the elevator. The elevator is a moving transport which requires that modifications and improvements should comply with codes.

Several metals are used for architectural purposes and carry a design theme for installation requirements. Architectural metals are commonly used for both elevator interiors and exteriors to provide maximum design versatility while meeting aesthetics and performance requirements.