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Elevator Interiors: Things to Consider

May 08, 2018

When it comes to elevator interiors, there are endless possibilities to choose from when designing a custom interior. Many building owners would prefer custom elevator interiors that match the general aesthetic of their building. This makes sense, as interiors should always reflect and represent the buildings that they reside in. However, when designing custom elevator interiors, there are many things to consider.


When it comes to the design of elevator interiors, there are many things to consider including purpose and material – to name a few.



While an elevator’s basic purpose is to transport people from one floor to another, whom exactly are being transported is something important to consider. For example, an elevator in a hospital may look very different to one at a luxurious hotel. The hospital elevator might be much bigger in size, as it needs enough space for a gurney and multiple doctors. Meanwhile a hotel elevator might be much smaller as it does not accommodate a gurney and instead, multiple people and their baggage.



Materials used for elevator interiors should reflect the entire interior of the building as a whole, while also taking its purpose into consideration.


For hotel elevators and elevator interiors of buildings that are relatively private in nature such as businesses and shopping malls, the interior of these elevators have a big focus on aesthetic and luxury. These materials usually include stainless steel with marble or wood-like accents that tend to match the floor and the rest of the building.


For hospital elevators and elevator interiors of buildings that are more public in nature such as airports, these elevators focus on function rather than appearance. These elevator interiors usually utilize a fully stainless steel interior to convey a clean, yet impersonal appearance.


Essentially, it comes down to what the overall aesthetic of the building is, and what specific purpose do the elevators serve. For beautiful and innovative custom elevator interiors, we at Demtra Sheet Metal Industries offer elevator construction services that combines both function and style!