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Elevators Elevate Not Only Yourself, but Also Your Building

August 22, 2019

The impression a residential or commercial building can give off is reliant on many aspects. Modernisation, by its very name, evolves over time and design concepts shift in modalities. Conscientious real-estate owners leave no stone unturned when it comes to the nuanced impressions certain aspects of their building can impart; all areas must conform to predetermined standards.


First impressions are particularly important when trying to impart a sense of awe and delight to guests or clients visiting your building; an impression that can be heightened with elevator interiors.



Why Elevator Interiors?

While it may be considered an afterthought, furbishing the aesthetics around your elevator interiors plays an important role in establishing a contemporary architectural style to a building. This is especially important for more antiquated establishments looking to contend with the limelight that modern buildings are exposed to.



The Right Opportunities

Many real-estate owners are making the most out of unfavourable situations that are prone to occur within their industry. Sometimes fires and flooding are inevitable and can unfortunately cause elevators to become inoperative within their complex. In such cases, opportunities can arise to implement new features, designs, and elevator interiors to be housed under grand renovation work.  



Specialist Fabricators

Due to the unique and tremendously practical function of an elevator, it is essential that any fabrication work be completed in as minimal amount of time as possible to prevent duress amongst the building’s denizens.


These imposed limits have put pressure onto fabricators to come up with ingenious and proprietary solutions for the quick, safe, and energy efficient installation of renovated elevators. One such innovation can be seen in the usage of decorative panels which can be mounted temporarily on the wall within moving brackets. Once the positioning of all panels have been confirmed, the temporary brackets can be swiftly removed while the panel stays in place.


Our team at Demtra Sheet Metal Industries deliver results built around your exact specifications. We specialise in holistic sheet metal fabrication around your elevator renovation projects, from design consultation to assembly, we put our 40 years of expertise into practice for you – delivering a project where form and function intersect.


Get in touch with someone from our team, we are always on hand to help get your next elevator or elevator interiors project off the ground!