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Great Projects With Demtra Metal Fabrication in Toronto
Great Projects With Demtra Metal Fabrication in Toronto
December 30, 2014

At Demtra, we are a team of great professionals specializing in offering you quality metal fabrication Toronto solutions. These range from sawing, punching, sawing and forming among others. Consequently, we are able to deliver what we strive best in – metal fabrication. For the full range of services, we also offer excellent welding and finishing services. With our vast experience, we are assured of delivering what other promise with much ease and for the best value of your money. Our expertise and in-depth knowledge and expertise give us a cutting edge positioning in the quest for the best. Our team will guarantee you of having elegant designs that you will get nowhere else apart from our workshops.

In addition to having excellently done sheet metal fabrication in Toronto, we also combine our work with excellent finishing as well as proper welding being done. This places us at a premier position in the industry as we cut across all the other industries in the supply of the metal fabricated components as they may be required. Our welding service includes offering of stout fixtures and the staggered welding among other designs that you may need while our industrial welding cooling systems ensure that the welded parts are allowed to cool at the most conducive conditions for the best joints to be formed.

Our sheet metal fabrication Toronto services are well tailored towards utilizing our skills and leveraging on the available technologies as to bring out excellent designs. This makes the use of our hydraulic braking machines and another angle and curvature creation machines and technologies possible. For rounded designs, we have adequate machining tools such as rolling tools. This gives you exactly what you want in the best form you wish to have it done. Today, we venture in steel, titanium and aluminum sheet fabrication. However, other metals can also be fabricated depending on your needs.

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To Our Valued Customers and Friends,

We have missed all of you! Regulations have since lifted in our category, and we feel that we can safely return to work and re-open Demtra Sheet Metal Industries to resume business starting Monday, June 1st, 2020.

To continue our efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will start with a shortened work week and will not be following an open door policy during this time. No walk-ins. Appointments only.

We are also currently prioritizing emergency projects. All other projects will be scheduled once the emergency order is lifted.

We are only offering back-door pick-ups only. Please call in advance and ring the bell upon arrival.

For any additional questions or information, please call the office at 416-751-8303 or email

Please stay safe and well. We look forward to seeing and hearing from all of you soon!