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How Metal Products are Produced Through Welding Fabrication in Toronto

March 10, 2021

Whenever an application needs a material made from metal with specific features, the best route to take is through metal fabrication. Since the industrial revolution, the demand for this process, especially the welding fabrication in Toronto had grown rapidly. There is a broad range of applications that utilize fabricated products every single day that ranges from metal pieces to huge steel construction in which the standard metal parts are not applicable. The utilization of sheet metals depends on the size, shape, and the particular type of material used to make the product. The manufacturers use different materials during metal fabrication such as copper, brass, steel, aluminium, tin, and nickel. 


The whole metal fabrication process requires the use of the right manufacturing tools and machines to do various processes that form the metal pieces into complicated shapes and sizes. The primary processes involved are cutting, bending, and rolling of the metal.

Most often welding fabrication in Toronto is almost always part of the manufacturing process.


During cutting, the shear is used to separate the metal parts and cutting that utilize shear usually includes shearing, punching, and blanking. There are also other removal processes that can be also applied using heat or abrasion. These cutting technologies refer to plasma cutting, laser cutting, and water jet cutting. 


Apart from cutting, there are other processes involved during metal fabrication. Following welding fabrication in Toronto, other tasks that might be needed are riveting, screwing, sawing, bolting, grinding, deburring, and painting. If you are looking for a potential metal fabrication company, it’s recommended to look for a one-stop shop like Demtra that offers multiple techniques under one roof. We specialize in this craft and continue to provide our customers quality services and superior products in every project, big or small. With our expertise in a variety of applications, we provide custom solutions that best suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our full range of services!