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How to Ensure A Safe and Secure Elevator Interior

October 05, 2017

Elevators have become very important for high-rise buildings. They are even built into a variety of structures for aesthetic appeal. Both the function and aesthetics can be attributed to how elevator interiors are made. The interior of an elevator is composed of ceilings, floors, panels, handrails, and mirrors (which are increasingly becoming more common).


When these components are all professionally considered and worked on, the result can enhance the overall ambience of the elevator interior.   


Several factors need careful consideration for a successful upgrade or new build of an elevator interior. This includes the design, materials, and the manufacturers of the components. Though there are standard interiors available, opting for a custom made interior is popular for aesthetic reasons and to accommodate the utilities or structure of the building. Here is a brief guide to the customization of the components in your elevator interior:


  • Floor: Due to heavy traffic and impact, it requires a durable, sturdy and non-porous material. Alloys or stainless steel are a common choice.
  • Ceiling: It typically functions to keep the lighting fixtures in place. The ideal choice of material would be aluminum frames. They are affordable and can be easily manufactured and installed.
  • Wall panel: This is the interior part, which is in direct contact with those that will ride the elevator. A durable, stain-free, and smooth finish metal is a perfect option.
  • Handrail: It is the most used fixture in any elevator interior. A great material to use is a scratch-free metal such as stainless steel or bronze.


In the context of a building, an elevator is a form of transportation. This is why it’s important to consider safety and take preventative measures that adhere to current legislation. All the materials used in constructing elevator interiors must be safe and comply with fire safety standards and building codes.


This makes it equally important to choose the right manufacturer or fabricator for your elevator interior components. At Demtra Sheet Metal, we are a leader in the specialization of custom metal fabrication. We use architectural metals which can be safely used for elevator interiors. We ensure they  provide optimum design and flexibility while still meeting both performance and aesthetics requirements.