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Ideas for Customizing your Kitchen Using Stainless Steel

June 24, 2020

Custom sheet metal fabrication in Toronto can be applied to a lot more than just industrial and manufacturing uses. It can also offer a lot of functional design options for your restaurant or home, especially kitchens. From countertops to hoods, there is nothing that can’t be customized with versatile stainless steel.


Here are some aspects of your kitchen that you can be customized with custom sheet metal fabrication in Toronto:


Kitchen islands

The primary purpose of kitchen islands is to help organize what is arguably the busiest space in any home or restaurant – the kitchen. They provide additional workspace, seating, and extra storage. With ample space, the island can be shared by multiple people doing different things. A custom steel fabricator will be able to design a stainless steel island. You can make it movable by adding wheels. One of the chief advantages of stainless steel islands is that messes can be cleaned up very easily, making it ideal for restaurants.


Range hoods

Ventilation is extremely important in the kitchen. For this reason, range hoods are indispensable and should be designed carefully. They control the smells, smoke, and temperature changes that are associated with cooking at the stove. Considering that range hoods have to deal with a significant amount of heat and steam, it is beneficial to use stainless steel range hoods as they do not rust or corrode.


Cabinet doors

Stainless steel cabinet doors will allow you to easily wipe off fingerprints, grease, and dirt. Because stainless steel is non-porous, no liquids, fungus, mould, or bacteria can penetrate it.



Backsplash protects your kitchen’s wallpaper and painted walls from splatters generated while cooking. If left unaddressed, these stains can build up over time and become impossible to remove. Stainless steel backsplashes are ideal because they are heat resistant and easy to clean.


Without a doubt, you’ll never go wrong with stainless steel. Stainless steel is so functional, easy to maintain, corrosion resisting, and also aesthetically pleasing.


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