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Metal Fabrication in Toronto

April 13, 2015

The beauty of flexibility is well defined in Metal Fabrication, from its different presentations, forms and use of different materials; be it steel, tin, stainless steel, nickel, titanium, aluminum, copper or brass, It is evident that the craftsmen have mastered various ways of enhancing this beauty into master pieces that emerge in different shapes and sizes with every passing day. The world of metal fabrication in Toronto has not seen it all because with every new day, we witness the birth of new ideas and possibilities.

Core industrial sectors are dependent on Metal fabrication in Toronto to run and improve their businesses, the constant need to upgrade and measure up to their respective competitive industries gives the sheet metal industry an ever ending opportunity to offer its capabilities. Satisfying the different needs of these customers in the transport, communication, energy, food, construction, medical and entertainment industries in return causes continual growth and update on tools of service in the metal industry. Key above all is to ensure that appropriate technologies are in place, powerful and efficient modern machines that are operated by skilled and experienced personnel.

While putting the metal through the process of fabrication, down from the raw material to the finished product, it is beneficial to have fabrication engineers and all involved parties go through the outlined designs before approval, to achieve precision and accuracy in cutting. Different machines may be used, the most advanced being robots which have been pre-programmed using computer aided devices. Lasers, plasma and water jet cutters are also a modern option as well as a CNC (computer Numerical controlled)torch. The material also goes through punching, rolling, bending, and stretching to free the metal from any twists and bends. Welding by use of different machinery from manually operated metal arc to 3-D laser welding gives a speedy accurate finish. When the metal comes out of the manufacturing process the final touches are applied to give it a lovely look as per the customer’s request.