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Metal Fabrication Safety Tips

April 23, 2019

Like any other manufacturing process, custom sheet metal fabrication involves the use of highly specialized equipment that can cause injuries if handled incorrectly. Here are some safety tips that metal fabrication shops should adhere to in order to guarantee the safety of the workers.


Proper Safety Garments

Any occupation in the manufacturing industry requires the use of proper equipment in order to ensure the safety of the workers. Since metal fabrication shops are working with dangerous equipment such as lasers, plasma cutters, welding arcs, and shears, it’s imperative that workers are properly equipped with appropriate protective gear. For example, welding hoods provide ample protection against radiation produced from welding tools. Hearing protection is also mandatory since metal fabrication shops are extremely loud due to the numerous machines that are working simultaneously. Lastly, specialized garments are worn in order to protect workers from burns and sparks.


Trained Workers

Custom sheet metal fabrication is not an occupation that anyone can do. It requires intensive training from accredited programs to ensure that workers are properly educated before they are hired. Workers should possess a complete understanding of all types of machinery. This means that they should know how to operate, maintain, and spot any malfunctions. Furthermore, trained workers should understand proper safety protocols and how to deal with emergency situations.


Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial when dealing with equipment that is designed to cut through metal. Equipment such as shears and grinders should be checked regularly for any signs of rust or wear and tear. Equipment should be inspected frequently since workers are operating them on a daily basis.


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