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Methods of Welding Fabrication

February 13, 2020

At Demtra Sheet Metal Industries Limited, we are experts when it comes to sheet metal works and customized fabrications. With over 40 years of experience in the business, our desire and quest for excellent quality work and ability to customize has always been a top priority.


We also have a highly skilled team that is well capable of welding works and fabrication, which further expands our capabilities.


For Reliable Welding Fabrication in Toronto


Our facility and capabilities are confident in being able to cover an extensive array of custom work when it comes to sheet metal works and custom welding fabrication in Toronto. With our highly skilled staff ready to embark on your next custom work order, we can assure you of quality work. Here are two methods of welding that we can help you do.


MIG Welding


Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding is a process where a consumable electrode is charged electrically onto the work metal itself forming an arch, thus melting the two together forming a joint. Our facility is equipped in providing MIG welding solutions to our clients when it comes to welding fabrication in Toronto. With a skillful staff that is well experienced that ensures quality work results every time.


TIG Welding


A process called Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is similar to MIG but with a few variations. Mainly that it is charged electrically with a non-consumable electrode, a shielding gas protects the work and they are usually Argon or Helium. Protection is needed from oxidation or other contaminants in the air; a filler rod (of the same material) is then used to fuse the surfaces needing to be joined. Though sometimes TIG welding is done without the filler rod and this is called autogenous welding. A constant power welding supply is used. This supply is similar to plasma cutting, which is also one of the processes we offer and are capable of.