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Must-Have Features for Great Elevator Interiors

February 26, 2018

Elevators are an essential transportation option to move people and goods between floors, particularly in a high rise building. Using them does not have to be stressful, but can be comfortable and even pleasurable instead.  Elevator interiors are designed to meet the demand and image that a business wishes to cultivate.


There are many features to consider in designing and outfitting elevator interiors so that they are convenient for all users, impress potential customers, carry any load that may be needed for the business operation and much more.


Here are some elements to consider when planning an elevator upgrade, design or installation.


Air conditioning device

This is necessary to control the temperatures inside the elevator. It provides comfort for the passengers during transportation, cooling the temperature during summer. The refrigeration cycle can be reversed to make elevator interiors warmer during winter.  


Direction lanterns

These mostly come in arrow shapes indicating or pointing to the direction the lift is heading. They are floor indicators that help people determine which elevator to board. They are found both outside and inside the elevator interiors, and can contribute to the feel and style of your business.


Talking devices

This added feature is perfect for aiding the blind, especially if there is no on to guide personnel in the elevator. This device prevents them from stumbling over anything while trying to press a button. With modern talking devices, they can simply instruct the elevator by speaking their floor destination or receive guidance. Braille signage is also a standard feature for most elevators.


When you are searching for a fabrication shop to work on your elevator interiors, opt for the one that has extensive experience in the industry. This ensures that your requirements are well understood and met. The design phase must be cleared with you before the fabrication even starts.


You need a team of dedicated and qualified professionals who can meet all your specifications. This is what Demtra has to offer. With our wide range of custom metal fabrication capabilities, we provide expertise at every stage of elevator construction in the GTA. Whether you need a new elevator for your project or are upgrading the existing elevators in your building, our welding and fabrication experts combine style and function for beautiful and high quality results. Call us today to speak with an expert!