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Providing High Quality Sheet Metal and Welding Fabrication in Toronto

October 29, 2018

We at Demtra Sheet Metal are known all over the Greater Toronto Area as a company that has mastered custom sheet metal fabrication. Providing a number of different services, we also take great pride in providing quality welding fabrication in Toronto.


With a portfolio backed with high profile clients and a dedication to quality, we work hard to provide custom sheet metal and welding fabrication in Toronto.


We’ve successfully mastered the art of metal fabrication and welding through years of experience working with clients and meeting their specific needs. With our experience equipped with the right tools, we’re highly capable of taking on any project regardless of its complexity and uniqueness to provide top-quality fabricated products.


Due to our staff of talented and skilled trade people as well as our huge facility equipped with the latest and best machines today, we can complete each of our projects that we take on with the utmost care and attention to detail. This is why we take pride in providing quality metal and welding fabrication in Toronto; our capabilities are unmatched.


Our company can tackle any type of metal fabrication job you might have for us. We have experience working with a number of different metals, including stainless steel, sheet metal, copper and aluminum – to name a few. Whatever your design and specifications, our team of engineers and tradesmen are sure to deliver.


We also specialize in building set pieces for film projects that require metal and welding fabrication in Toronto. Toronto is a filming hub, having various big-budget projects filmed in the city in recent years. Projects like The Incredible Hulk (2008), Robocop (2014), Suicide Squad (2015), and most recently, The Shape of Water (2017), were all filmed in Toronto and its Greater Area.


Not only were these films shot in the area, but they employed our services to fabricate various set pieces using custom sheet metal fabrication! Ever since we were contracted to work on the first X-Men movie in 2000, we’ve been providing high quality set pieces for big-budget products filming in Toronto. Whether it’s Magneto’s machine in X-Men (2000) or the elevator set in Suicide Squad (2015), we’re capable of delivering the best.


So when you’re in need of custom sheet metal or welding fabrication in Toronto, simply contact us to get started on your fabrication project. With our excellent customer service, our impressive portfolio as well as our dedication to quality and your satisfaction, we’re confident that we can take on any project and met your needs.