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Questions to Ask When Upgrading Elevator Interiors

December 28, 2016

It is not unusual for building owners to upgrade their elevator interiors because it is one of the first things that people see when they visit the building. The aesthetics of the elevator interior can easily create a good impression on visitors even if they only spend a few minutes inside the confined space. If the elevator’s interior has not been upgraded for years, it is about time to ponder on its decorative aspect. However, there are a few factors you need to consider to make the most of the investment.


How much would it take to upgrade elevator interiors?


Remodeling your elevator’s interior differs from ordinary remodeling because of the limitations of space and the fact that the improvements cannot have a major impact on the elevator’s weight. When remodeling an office, it is not important to hire the services of professional interior decorators because it is relatively simple to buy new furniture, furnishings and paint. Upgrading elevator interiors, however, means hiring professionals who specialize in fabricating everything inside the elevator, from panels to handrails. The cost of remodeling the elevator’s interior will depend on the quality of the new fixtures inside the elevator.


How much weight will be added after the upgrade?


The kind of upgrade you will do on the elevator interiors will have an effect on its leveling accuracy and energy efficiency. There are innovative designs that can bring life and color to the interior, however the best option is to have the design customized so that your elevator will stand out and make a lasting impression. Custom fabricated floors, ceilings, lighting and mirrors ensure that your elevator interiors adhere to your exact specifications.


How will an upgrade affect safety standards?


The most important consideration when it comes to elevators is passenger safety. You cannot compromise safety in favor of aesthetics. All materials used in the upgrade of elevator interiors must pass fire safety standards and strict building code requirements.