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Safety Tips When Working with Sheet Metal Fabrication

February 28, 2020

Metal working is vital in many of today's industries. What many people don’t know is that metal fabrication in Toronto is also considered a very dangerous job. Workers use heavy equipment and are exposed to burns, falls, and cuts on the job every day. They are also at risk of straining their backs and muscles because of the requirement to lift heavy metals.


Because of the many possible dangers, sheet metal fabrication in Toronto companies must have a set of safety procedures that their workers should strictly follow.


Here are three safety tips to consider when working as a metal fabricator:


Always Focus on the Job


As sheet metal fabrication Toronto utilizes large machinery, workers should always have complete focus on the job. Total concentration is vital in every step of the fabrication process since the metal sheets tend to be sharp and hot.


Protective Gear is a Must


Workers in these companies are required to wear protective gear, like hard hats, gloves, and goggles while on the production floor. Protective eye gear is critical as small metal shards or debris can fly off the machinery and could potentially cause blindness. The right safety shoes are also important to prevent slipping and accidents. Wearing jewelry or other accessories that might be pulled into the machine are also banned and clothes should not be loose since it might also get snagged.


Tools Have to be Inspected Regularly


Tools, like shears and grinders, should be checked regularly for any signs of wear, rust or malfunction. Equipment should always be at their best condition since workers have to operate them or handle them manually. For instance, a dull shear will make cutting the metal harder and could put the worker at risk.


Most importantly, proper training should always be conducted and is just as critical as following safety protocols when working at a sheet metal fabrication Toronto company.