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Small Ways to Boost Your Elevator Interiors

July 02, 2020

When designing or renovating a building, upgrading your elevators are probably at the top of your list. This is because we all know the importance of making sure the elevator interiors are not only comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but also practically optimal. This means improving accessibility and convenience, as well as making sure your design is up to date.


Not only do appealing elevator interiors improve a visitor’s impression of your building, it can also make all the difference for people who require more accessibility options. Elevator design should never be ignored, which is why it is important for you to utilize the services of a reliable fabricator to make sure every aspect of your elevator design is perfected.


With that said, not all elevator upgrades have to come with great cost and effort.


Oftentimes, drastic improvements can be made with just a minor alteration. Every aspect of an elevator can be custom-designed, which helps open up a world of possibilities when it comes to upgrades. One of the most common upgrades is to simply change the material of the surfaces.


Here are some common finishes people often go for:


Marble: Marble is cooling and is able to add an immediate impression of sophistication to your interiors. Many historical buildings, such as banks, utilize marble in their general interior design, and so it makes sense for the style to carry over to their elevators as well.


Wood: For a more rustic or traditional look, wood is the best option. Depending on the kind of building, wood can work incredible well. Examples that come to mind are hotels or other establishments that benefit from exuding a sense of classic style.


Steel: This is an incredibly practical material and works well for office buildings or industrial elevators. It is sturdy and immune to rust, giving off a strong, industrial look.


Mirrors: Mirrors are an easy and convenient way to boost elevator interiors. It opens up the space and gives visitors the opportunity to check their appearance. It is a popular choice for hotels, office buildings, and more.


On top of that, there is also a need to ensure that your elevators are safe and secure. Minor touches can be added in the form of engravings, such as emergency contact details, emergency response details, as well as building blueprints completed with labelled emergency exits.


Railings, button panels outfitted with braille, and LED displays are also great ways to improve the accessibility of your elevators. After all, everyone should be able to benefit from your elevators.


Demtra Sheet Metal Industries has decades of experience fabricating elevator interiors and helping our customers improve visitor impressions of their buildings. Contact us today to learn more about our services.