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The Advantages of Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto

June 29, 2017

Custom metal fabrication in Toronto has brought about a wide range of applications, such as food processing units, elevators and movie sets. Metal fabrication undergoes different processes for different applications.



Types of custom metal fabrication in Toronto are mentioned below:


Cutting: Metal cutting is manually done using saws, torches such as oxy-fuel and plasma torches, or by numerically computer controlled systems, such as laser beam cutters and water jets. The method used to cut machinery depends on the type of metal, electrical properties of the metal and the level of precision required.


Shearing: This is a type of cutting is usually done on metal sheets and plates in order to process straight cuts. It can also be done on metal bars and angles. Different shearing machines are used for different metal forms.


Folding/ bending: This process is used to shape metals, impart strength and eliminate sharp edges. It is usually done using hammers or press brakes. Sometimes, metals are air-bent.


Punching:  The process of punching enables the production of holes that come in different shapes and sizes in the forms of metal plates or strips. A steel punch is used for this process. Punching is often confused with stamping. During the process of stamping, the die does not penetrate the metal, but raises the metal portions.


Welding: Metals are joined together through the process of fusion. The base metal is melted and joins together with the another metal part while its cooling.


Assembly: This can be done using structural adhesives or threaded fasteners in order to join metal parts.


Painting: Metals are painted for smooth finished looks and for protection against corrosion.


Engraving: Soft and hard metals are marked precisely and accurately using laser engraving machines.


Custom metal fabrication in Toronto has become very popular and at Demtra sheet metal, we can meet and exceed all of your fabricating expectations. Contact us today for more information.