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The Benefits of Welding Fabrication in Toronto

May 17, 2018

Let’s begin with this obvious, but sometimes forgotten, disclaimer: yes, welding is a great bonding option; and, obviously, not everything can be, nor should it be, welded.


Welding as a discipline and as an industrial process has evolved greatly. Particularly welding fabrication in Toronto has grown in leaps and bounds, owing to the skill of welders and enhancements in welding equipment. Of course, a metal fabricator has to adopt these improvements for them to actually pass on the benefits to their clients. Something Demtra Sheet Metal industries has done time and again. And it is why we are trusted metal fabricators and the go-to for jobs requiring welding fabrication in Toronto for movie studios, elevator and escalator makers, the food industry, and the medical and healthcare industries.


Welding fabrication in Toronto has grown tremendously in the last few years – offering unparalleled levels of precision and finishing.


In this article we look at the benefits of welding fabrication in Toronto and why it may be a good option for your metal fabrication project:


  • Welding does away with fasteners, which means no holes need to be drilled. It means a structurally stronger part, lessened metal fatigue and a lower chance of cracks which will compromise strength.
  • Doing away with fasteners like nots, bolts and washers, and not having to use connecting angles, gusseted plates and more, means a weight saving for the entire assembly. These weight savings can add up considerably.
  • Welding fabrication in Toronto is more cost-effective and time-efficient than other methods of fastening, as the labor of attaching multiple small parts is done away with. In fact, not having to use a number of such parts means the cost benefits are passed on the entire fabrication project.
  • Welding fabrication in Toronto transfers stresses more evenly than other fasteners. In fact, welding doesn’t require a compromise between an even distribution of stresses versus compromising structural integrity like, say, too closely placed rivets would.
  • Welding fabrication in Toronto has evolved to a great extent to eliminate air pockets and incomplete penetration and other inconsistencies in welding.


Becoming the go-to for metal fabrication and welding fabrication in Toronto means an efficient production line made possible by continual investment in machinery and experienced metal fabricators. For over 40 years Demtra has relied on this philosophy to work with and become trusted partners for some of the most demanding industries in Toronto.