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The Elements of Design in Elevator Interiors

December 07, 2020

Thousands of people use the elevators to go from floor to floor every day. It is arguably the most important feature in modern commercial architecture. Through decades of research and development, elevators have become increasingly advanced, with the capability of using alternative materials to stainless steel. The building’s interior design will is also a huge consideration to elevator interiors. All design elements will be incorporated for flow and continuation throughout the building as you enter each floor from the elevator.


With a wider variety of materials to choose from, elevator design has become an important consideration in commercial and residential buildings.


Ceiling and Wall Panels

These are the largest and most noticeable surfaces in elevator interiors. This element of elevator design showcases the materials used, commonly featuring panels of stainless steel, wood, marble, and tempered glass. Lighting is also largely considered when choosing the material used for ceiling and wall panels, as depending on the desired aesthetic, these materials will reflect the most light creating the desired level of illumination in the elevator.



The floor is another surface used as part of the aesthetic features in an elevator. It is the most common surface to feature tiled patterns, often showcasing custom decorative design.



A small but significant element in elevator design, handrails are a feature that completes the overall aesthetic of the interior. Handrails are commonly made of a metal material adding to its durability and functionality.


Elevator Pads

Although not considered a design element, elevator pads are an extremely important piece of equipment to have. Elevator pads are used primarily as a protective barrier to prevent damage to the interior surfaces. This is important when elevators are used to transport large objects in the building.


For function or aesthetics, elevators are an important aspect of modern commercial and residential buildings. Not only does it improves accessibility throughout the structure, but it also acts as an extension of interior design from floor to floor, containing elements of traditional and modern aesthetics in architecture.


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