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The Elevator Interior of Your Dreams

December 21, 2018

While not typically thought of when contemplating the design of a multi-level building, elevator interiors are a subtle yet definitive part of a building’s design.



As trusted suppliers for top manufacturers of elevators, we are experienced and skilled in working with both residential and commercial interiors.



You can choose any from a variety of metals and alloys to use for your elevators panels and interiors.

We have experience working with a variety of metals and specialty metals/materials. Our team is capable of providing you with what you wish to accomplish for your elevator’s interior. The options are endless for what you want to achieve!


Dedicated Team of Professionals


Allow our team of professionals to offer their assistance in the design process through their advanced  skillset in custom welding and fabrication. We can assist you with a range of custom metal fabrication expertise such as interior panels, elevator floors & ceilings, elevator handrails, elevator doors etc. We can help you re-design for a new project or update an existing one. We also provide support through repairing or modifying existing interiors.


We take pride in providing our clients with the high-quality elevator interiors of their dreams. Our proven track record of excellent customer service ensures the best results every time. Every product that is manufactured in our shop is customized accurately according to the unique specifications of our clients. Products are manufactured by demand and not mass produced to ensure quality every time.


Want to learn more about previous projects we have worked on? Give us a call today at 416-751-8303. We would love to help you achieve the elevator interior of your dreams!