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The Fundamental Stages Of Sheet Metal Fabrication

July 20, 2021

The metal fabrication industry can seem very complex to many. The sheet metal fabrication in Toronto involves terminologies, processes, and technologies that many people aren’t quite familiar with. If you are someone who’s trying to learn more about metal fabrication or the steps involved in the process, here’s everything you need to know.


The steps involved in sheet metal fabrication


If you ever need to hire sheet metal fabrication experts for a project, be it commercial or industrial, then it would be helpful to know the steps involved in the process so that you are prepared to know what you can expect.


Start with a blueprint

A blueprint is where the process of sheet metal fabrication begins. An engineer will draft the blueprints, which will help determine the specifications or dimensions of the sheet metal product. Based on these details, rough drawings will be made.


Create the final drawing

The rough drawings derived from the blueprint will then be checked multiple times to make sure that the final product meets all the requirements. Once this has been checked thoroughly, the final show drawings will be created, including all the correct calculations and the processes to be used to make the final product. This information will also help chalk out the next steps of the fabrication process.


The fabrication process

Now that everything has been checked, the actual sheet metal fabrication processes will commence. These usually include cutting, forming and bending, joining or assembly, and finishing. 


Finishing touches

This last stage is done once the fabrication is complete. A product may still not be suitable for commercial use unless it undergoes the finishing process. 


All metal products being fabricated are required to go through each of these stages. You can always count on us at Demtra Sheet Metal Industries to provide you with the best metal fabrication services. Contact us today to learn more about our services.