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The Importance of Welding for Custom Metal Fabrication

November 13, 2019

Since the beginning of human history, early civilization used different methods of combining different parts together. Today, welding plays a fundamental role in performing quality custom metal fabrication in Toronto. We rely on welding processes in metal fabrication to configure the structures and mechanical components we rely on every day. Welding techniques are used in the manufacturing of ships, buildings, bridges, and other welded fabrications.


In today’s blog, our goal is to cultivate a better understanding of the importance of welding for the metal fabrication industry.


The Relationship Between Welding and Metal Fabrication


Welding, cutting, and brazing all play an essential role in metal fabricated products. In order to garner a better understanding of the relationship between welding and custom metal fabrication in Toronto, we will briefly outline a few basic definitions.

  • Metal Fabrication – describes the process of building, shaping, and assembling a product, equipment item, or machine from metal stock. Products can be configured using rivets, bolts, and welding.
  • Welded Metal Fabrications – are assembled using welding, thermal cutting, or brazing methods
  • Weldment – describes an assembled product where all parts were joined using welding techniques


Welding Applications for Metal Fabrication


Welding encompasses a range of techniques that aid in metal fabrication. There are a large range of factors to consider before selecting optimal welding techniques. In general, the final product will be largely based on the specificity of project needs. The type and thickness of the metal needed, in addition to environmental constraints (i.e. indoor vs. outdoor), and overall budget all factor into what the final product will be. Common welding techniques used in metal fabrication include stick or arc welding, TIG (Gas Tungsten Welding), and Flux Core Welding.


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